First Semester Second Semester
6 Week Internship Accounting for Bankers
Administration of Public Enterprises in Ghana Administrative Law
Advanced Oral Expression for Academic &Professional Purpose Advanced Financial Accounting
Agricultural Economics and Management Advanced Practice in Oral Communication
Agri-Food Business and Agro-Processing African Studies
Agroecology Agricultural Produce Processing Technology
Animal Health Agro-Forestry Concepts and Practice
Appropriate Technology for Rural Development Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animal/Animal Environment
Assessment in Education Aquaculture
Auditing I Auditing II
Basic Concepts in Governance Studies Basic Statistics
Basic Microbiology Biology II
Basic Statistics Biometry
Biology I Business English II
Biomathematics Business Research Methods
Business Communication Business Statistics
Business English I Change Management
Business Law Chemistry II
Chemistry I Communicative Skills I
Climate Change and Global Warming Communicative Skills II
Colonialism and Nationalism in Africa Company and Partnership Law
Communicative Skills I Computer Applications
Community Mobilization & Development Consumer Behaviour
Comparative Governance Systems Consumer Lending
Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in Africa Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Mgt. Practice
Cost and Management Accounting Corporate Finance
Economics of Irrigation Corporate Governance and Professional Ethics
Economy of Ghana Corporate Secretarial Practice
Electronic Commerce Cost and Management Accounting II
Environmental Chemistry Database Management Systems
Environmental Economics Decentralization and Local Government in Ghana
Environmental Management Development Economics
Farmer Led-Agric Extension: Concepts and Practice Development Planning
Financial Management Disater Management
Financial Markets and Institutions Early Political Thought
Fish Disease, Pathology and Microbiology Ecology of Inland Waters
Forms of Election and Representation Educational Psychology
French Composition : Developing Ideas in the Composition Employment and Labour Law
French Language I Enlightenment French Literature
French Language Structure and Usage: Fluency in written expression Entrepreneurship and Innovation
French Language Structure and Usage: Syntax of the Simple Sentence Environmental Impact Assessment
Fruit and Tree Crop Production Environmental Law and Policy
Fundamentals of Business Environmental Management
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Environmental Pollution
Gender and Development Event Management
Genetics and Animal Breeding Extension Programme Development and Implementation
Government and Politics of Ghana Farm Management
Human and Public Relations Financial Management of Banks
Human Resource Information Systems Financial Mathematics
Human Resource Planning Francophone African Literature
Human Rights and Citizenship French Composition: Creative Writing IV
Ichthyology French Language II
Integrated Fish Farming French Language Structure and Usage: Advanced French Syntax
Integrated Marketing Communication I French Language Structure and Usage: Phonetics
Intermediate Accounting General Biochemistry
Intermediate Oral Expression: Text-based Oral Presentation General Linguistics
Intermediate Translation Governance Institutions
International Economic Relations/Institutions Human Relations and Labour Law
International Human Resource Management Human Resource Development
Introduction to Computing Industrial Marketing
Introduction to Environmental Engineering Integrated Marketing Communication II
Introduction to Financial Accounting International Finance
Introduction to Fisheries International Marketing
Introduction to Fisheries Science Introduction to Climatology
Introduction to Linguistics Introduction to Development Studies
Introduction to Linguistics in French Introduction to Extension
Introduction to Literature Introduction to Financial Accounting II
Introduction to Oceanography Introduction to French Composition
Introduction to Organization Development Introduction to Human Resource Management
Introduction to Post Harvest Technology Introduction To International Law
Introduction to Public Administration Introduction to International Relations
Introductory Forest Biome and Vegetation Analysis Introduction to Moral Education
Introductory Genetics Introduction to Oral Literature in Africa
Introductory Geochemistry Introduction to Philosophical Foundations of Education
Labour Economics Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology (English)
Land Degradation and Rehabilitation Introduction to Political Science
Land Resource Economics Introduction to Psychology
Landscape Ecology Introduction to Sociology
Land-Use Planning Introduction to Soil Water Management (Irrigation)
Law and Politics in Ghana Introductory Agrometeorology
Law of Banking Introductory Biotechnology
Management Accounting Introductory Credit Management
Management of Small-Scale Industries Introductory Fisheries Taxonomy
Managerial and Business Economics Introductory Microbial Ecology
Marketing of Services Investment Management
Marketing Planning & Control Large Ruminants Production
Marketing Research Management Information Systems
Micro Finance Marketing Management
Modern English Language Structure and Usage Mathematics for Basic School Teachers
Modern Political Thought Modern English Structure and Usage I
Monogastric Animal Production Money and Banking
Operations Management Negotiation Skills
Oral Expression in French Oral Expression for Academic & Professional Purpose
Oral Expression: Phonetics of French Oral Expression: Listening and Reading for Understanding
Organic Farming Organizational Behaviour
Organization Culture and Climate Organizational Development & Intervention Processes
Philosophy and Critical Thinking Performance and Compensation Management
Politics in Ghana (1957 ? 1966) Philosophical Foundations of Development
Post Internship Reflective Seminar Physics
Post-Colonial Francophone African Literature Political Thought In Post-Independence Africa
Principles and Theories of Leadership Politics in Ghana (1946 ? 1957)
Principles of Animal Production Politics in the 4th Republic of Ghana
Principles of Crop Production Population and Development
Principles of Customer Service Principles and Practice of Democracy in the Modern State
Principles of Economics I (Micro) Principles and Procedures of Meetings
Principles of Environmental Science Principles of Economics II (Macro)
Principles of Horticulture Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Management Principles of Fisheries Management
Principles of Marketing Professional French
Principles of Public Administration Project Work
Principles of Science Public Personnel Administration
Project Management Research Methods
Public Finance Research Methods in Governance Studies
Public Relations Research Project
Public Sector Accounting Resource Evaluation and Management
Quantitative Methods Risk Management
Renewable Energy Ruminant Livestock Production
Research Project Rural Sociology
Retail Management Sales Management
Rudiments of Translation Sanitation and Waste Management
Ruminant and Non-Ruminant Nutrition Self/Personal Development
Sicial Issues and Problems of Africa Small Ruminants Production
Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Social Work
Sociology of Development Soil and Environmental Physics
Soil Biochemistry and Microbiology Spatial Analysis of Environment, Health and Diseases
Soil Chemistry and Fertility Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Management Strategic Marketing Management
Studies in Prose Fiction Sustainable Development Policy
Studies of Drama Techniques of Poetry
Taxation The English Clause & Its Functions (English)
Technical Writing The Foreign Policy of Ghana
The Social System and Governance Process The Military in Ghanaian Politics (1966 – 1993)
The Use of English The Techniques of Poetry (English)
Tourism and Environment Urban Development
  Water Resource Management