To be a Centre of Excellence in Advanced Education
The Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC) is a Christian private tertiary Institution, committed to teaching, advancement of knowledge, research and community service for the development of human potential in Ghana, Africa and the wider world.
Truth, Honesty, Justice, Hard work, Discipline and Togetherness
The motto of the University is: “Knowledge is Light”.
The University College is envisaged to develop into an institution with its own identity. To this end the EPUC shall be an IT-based institution. It shall also be an open university that will reach out to those who are mature and talented but excluded from access to university education.
The EPUC shall be a Centre of Research, Creativity and Excellence.
The purpose of teaching and learning at EPUC shall be to enable students
  • apply knowledge (not just to recall facts);
  • discover new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things and new ways of adapting to change in the community and the world; and
  • learn how to solve problems when they confront them.