The support and welfare services available to students include the following:

i.    Students Representative Council (SRC)
The SRC is the recognized apex students’ body of the University College.  It is the mouth piece of the entire student body, and seeks the interest of students in academic, economic, social, cultural, recreational and other matters.

ii.    Accommodation
During its sojourn at the temporary or take-off campus at Ho the University College will be a non-residential institution, that is, there will be no on-campus students’ accommodation or halls of residence.  It is therefore the responsibility of students to make their own arrangements to secure private accommodation off campus.

The university administration has arranged for some private hostels, and students will be personally responsible for the payment of rent, etc.  Such off-campus hostel accommodation shall be under the general supervision of the Office of the Dean of Students which is expected to liaise with landlords to ensure the welfare of students.  Private hostel fees at Ho range between GH¢200.00 and GH¢250.00 per year of two (2) semesters.  In addition students will pay utility charges at prevailing rates.

On-campus accommodation is available at the Peki Campus.

iii.    Health Services
All students are responsible for their own medical and dental expenses.  To this end, the University College will encourage and arrange for students to take advantage of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

In Ho, Health services be sought by students at the Ho Municipal Hospital which is only two blocks away from the Main Campus.  Health services at the Ho Teaching Hospital are also available to students.

Students at the Peki Campus can benefit from health services provided at the Peki Government Hospital which is about two kilometers away.

iv.    Library and Computer Laboratory
EPUC has a well-stocked library and computer laboratory to enhance teaching and learning.

v.    Chaplaincy
EPUC has a Chaplaincy Board comprising a chaplain, staff and students of all faith/religions as much as possible to help both those who already have a faith as well as those who are exploring.  It seeks to offer an opportunity to staff and students for a reflection on the meaning of life and other spiritual concerns.

vi.    Guidance, Counselling and Welfare Services
The Guidance, Counselling and Welfare Unit of EPUC is concerned with the guidance, counseling and welfare of both students and staff.

vii.    Students’ Handbook
A Students’ Handbook is available for each student.

The Handbook provides detailed regulations concerning such areas as students’ life and welfare; registration, and identification cards;  governance; conduct; services and facilities available to students; clubs and societies; absence from campus; channels of communication; and examination malpractices.