Mr Newell SogloMr Newell Yao Soglo, is a chartered human resource practitioner and currently the Deputy Registrar in-charge of Human Resource and General Administration at the Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC), Ho. His responsibilities include:

  • Leading in developing appropriate human resource policies and plans to underpin the strategic role of human resource in the institution
  • Implementing human resource policies in partnership with all stakeholders
  • Initiating and executing recruitment and selection processes in the institution including placement
  • Responsible for employment contract management (including renewals and terminations)
  • Initiating and directing the implementation of training programmes of staff
  • Compensation management
  • Performing disciplinary and grievance related issues
  • Staff records management
  • Transport management
  • Providing administrative and secretarial support services to boards and committees

He serves as the secretary to Appointments and Promotions Board, Administration Appointments and Promotions Committee, Senior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee, Disciplinary Committees, Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee, Planning Committee of Institutional Events among others. He has also served as member of Senate (Academic Board) and also a member of Council representing Convocation.

Newell Yao Soglo entered EPUC as an Assistant Registrar in October 2010and rose through the ranks to his current position.

Prior to entering EPUC, he worked as Senior Administrative Officer from 2004 to 2006 at Christian Council of Ghana and Ghana Civil Service where he served as Assistant Director of Administration for eight years, from 1996-2004.

He holds:-

  • Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Accra
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Accra

He belongs to a number of professional groups including: Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Ghana, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK and Institute of Directors, Ghana

He has for many years served as part time lecturer in the University. He loves reading, listening to news on current affairs, football and sharing jokes

Mr Soglo has publications in   Human Resource Management including the following:

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