1.    SSSCE/WASSCE/HSCE Applicants

  • Must have three (3) passes in the following core subjects: English, Mathematics, AND Integrated Science/Core Science/Social Studies/Agricultural Science/Life Skills/Ewe/Akan


  • Three (3) Elective subjects under Science/General Agriculture/ General Arts/ Business/ Visual Arts Options.
  • The Cumulative Aggregate of the six (6) subjects must be 24 or better.

2.   GCE ‘A’ Level Applicants

  • GCE ‘O’ Level credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language and Mathematics


  • At least two (2) ‘A’ level passes under Science/Agricultural Science/Arts/Business/Fine Art Options.
  • At least one of the ‘A’ Level passes must not be at a grade below D.

3.    Teachers’ Certificate ‘A’/Post Secondary Teachers’ Certificate Holders

(i)    At least three (3) years post qualification working experience (Evidence of experience must be attached to application).  PLUS
(ii)    Six (6) SSSCE/WASSCE Passes including Three (3) Core subjects (English, Mathematics, AND (Ewe/Akan/Integrated Science/Core Science/Agricultural Science/Social Studies/Life Skills) PLUS three (3) electives under Science/General Agriculture/Business/General Arts/Visual Arts Option


(iii)   Five (5) GCE ‘O’ Level credit passes including English Language and Mathematics.

4.    Mature Applicants

(i)   Must be at least 25 years and above.
(ii)   Must have at least three (3) years’ relevant and proven working experience.
(iii)  Must pass a qualifying examination (E.P. University Placement Examination) in General Paper, and a Special Paper covering questions in Religion and Society.


(a)  Every applicant must attach certified copy of his/her Birth Certificate and evidence of relevant working experience.
(b)  Applicants who do not have GCE ‘O’ Level Credit Passes or SSSCE/WASSCE Passes in English Language/English and Mathematics will write a paper in the appropriate subject(s).

5.     Foreign Students
Foreign students may be considered for admission if they hold qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above.  However, they must show evidence of Proficiency in English, i.e. attach this evidence to the applications.