BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management and Organisation Development)

Programme Philosophy and Objectives:

The programme offers a four-year B.Sc Business Administration Degree in Human Resource Management and Organization Development. The success or otherwise of any organization depends on the effective management of its workforce and its development. The programme is thus intended to introduce students to the importance of human resource management and organization development.

The programme seeks to train students to become effective agents of human resource management and organization development. The programme also seeks to provide them with the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to meet the challenges of their organizational environment.

It seeks to maintain better human relations in the organization by the development, application and evaluation of policies, procedures and programmes relating to human resources as well as planned organizational change processes and to optimize their contribution towards the realization of organizational objectives. The programme will also equip the students with a clear understanding of the concept of organization development and organization transformation.

It also seeks to offer the students the opportunity to identify the resources and organization development interventions employed in the operation of an organization. The products of this Programme would become effective managers and skilful agents of human resource management and organization development. The programme will also prepare students to pursue other labour-related programmes and grant them exemption from writing some professional examinations related to human resource management. For example, Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners of Ghana.

Students will be provided with the technical and practical base of modern human resource management and organization development models to enable them as managers to become aware of the need for personal growth and development of the workers and their organizations. The Programme content shall include course work, field attachment, project work and various simulation experiences.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for the Programme, candidates must:

Level 100

  • possess five credit passes at ‘O’ Level including English and Mathematics in Business/Arts subjects plus two/ three passes at ‘A’ Level excluding General Paper of one of which should be at least grade D.
  • be SSSCE/WASSCE holder with passes in six subjects; three core subjects English, Mathematics and Social Studies/Integrated Science, plus three Elective Subjects in Business/General Arts. SSSCE: aggregate 24 or better; grade E not accepted. WASSCE: Aggregate 36 or better; grades D7 and E8 not accepted.
  • be mature candidate aged 25 years and above with at least two years relevant work experience and must have passed the E. P. University College Placement Examinations.
  • Five passes in GBCE plus three passes in ABCE
  • DBS with credit passes in English and Mathematics at SSSCE/WASSCE

Level 200

  • Pass in Higher National Diploma (HND).
  • Diploma in Basic Education (DBE)
  • Professional Certificate/Diploma

Level 300

  • Relevant HND holders with 2nd Class Lower and better or must have other relevant Diplomas from recognized Universities/Institutions or possess relevant Professional Certificate/Diploma from recognized institution.

Foreign Students
Foreign students with qualifications equivalent to those mentioned above will be considered for admission at the appropriate level.  However, applicants from Francophone and other non-English speaking countries must attach to their applications evidence of Proficiency in English. All foreign certificates shall be referred to National Accreditation Board for determination of equivalence.